Prayer Requests


Updated November 28, 2022


Hospital          Lori Kidd (Pelham) Pneumonia

                         Aleta Dover – Heart cath on Monday


Sympathy       Timmy Hughey family

                         Bob Dean Patton family

                         Stacy Page family. Martha Kennington’s brother


Special           Deacons, Pastor Search Committee and our future pastor & church family during this transitional period


Rehab             Sandy Huggin – Bobbie Smith’s sister

                        Kathy Brock (NHC Healthcare, Greenville) Rehab from stroke. Jerry Seller’s sister

                        Sara Martin – White Oak Estates

                        Drew Standridge – Some movement in arms & legs. Requested by Kathy Nodine


Hospice         Pam Ruppe – Home under hospice care

                        Jeanie Henderson (White Oak, North Grove)

                        Mike Thomas Requested by Vettie Crocker


Church           Clarence Cook – Back and shoulder issues.

                        Beth Ellis – Recovering from foot surgery

                        Kayleigh Butler – To begin treatment with chemo pill

                        Teresa Childers – Health issues

                        Beckie Thompson – Fractured arm. No surgery but in sling until it is healed

                        Mollie Brown – Waiting results from blood work.

                        Doris Dover – Health issues

                        Johnny Hulsey – Trouble with heart rhythm.

                        Kelley Oglesby – Recovering from hip replacement

                        Lori Kidd – Cancer back, in same lung. Begin radiation ASAP.

                        Joyce Wright – Sciatic nerve lots of pain.

                        Connie Earls – Atherosclerosis. Requested by Linda Wilkins

                        David Henson – Atypical Parkinson. Requested by Joyce Wright

                        Chester Spencer – Kidney and pancreas failure

                        Raymond & Diane Yelton – Health issues  

                        Rusty Strings members & ministry

                        Melinda Hulsey – Health concerns


Others            Lawrence Laughlin – Not eating. Judy Childers’ uncle

                        Natasha Pearson – Mass on breast. To see cancer doctor on Dec 6th

                        Dakota Murray – Liver disease

                        Ruth McKinney – Cirrhosis of the liver

                        Carlton Carter, Sr – Heart issues

                        Cameron Dickson – To be deployed for 1 year. Jim & Brenda Harlow’s son-in-law

                        Cheryl Stacy – Knee surgery, Nov 17th. Requested by Catherine Caughman

                        Kristin Lydia – Upcoming back surgery. Requested by Danny Higgins

                        Heather Winters – Upcoming back surgery. Vettie Crocker’s daughter

                        Teddy White – Blood pressure problems

                        Brooke Pearson – Soreness from coughing. Rick Pearson’s niece

                        Cynthia Arrowood – Issues with her arm

                        Ed Walton – Recovering from severe burn incident.

                        Kim Turner – Knee replacement Nov 8th. Requested by Rick Pearson

                        Hudson Childers – Double ear infection

                        Elaine Webb – Knee replacement surgery Nov 11th. Rick Pearson’s sister

                        Fay Rigsby – Breast cancer surgery

                        Lynn Guest – Heart issues. Donnie & Toni Gates brother-in-law

                        Wayne Lanier – Cancerous spots. Requested by Mike Childers

                        Kathy Perrine – Home from rehab. Diane Yelton’s sister

                        Hillary Fowler – Tumor was benign. Requested by Beth Ellis

                        Tina Stacy – Medical issues

                        Diane Johnson – Cancer. Requested by Carol Mintz

                        Robin Doyle – Cancer. Requested by Danny Higgins

                        Jessica Humphries – Hospice care with cancer. Requested by Danny Higgins

                        Jacquile Oden – Improving from job injuries. Requested by Donnie Gates

                        Steve Camp – In need of heart transplant. Jerry Ruppe’s coworker

                        Carol Mintz Stepmother’s family

                        Donna White – Rehab. Requested by Danny Higgins

                        Kara Ingle – Home but continuing rehab. Mark & Beth Walker’s niece

                        Terry White – Colitis. Elora White’s husband

                        Elora White – Medical issues

                        Ralph Johnson – Pneumonia. Betty Smith’s son

                        Vici Teague – Strokes. Terry White’s niece

                        Donna Proctor – Cancer.

                        Janet Shuford – Non-alcoholic cirrhosis of liver

                        Mildred McCall  Continue infusion cancer treatments. Joyce Wright’s sister-in-law

                        Jerry Thomas – Upcoming surgery. Tony Thomas’ father

                        Scoop Upchurch – Recovering from surgery. Shannon Jacksons’ mother

                        Delores Hannon – Cyst on her neck. Requested from Bobbie Smith

                        RevRobert Lane – Loosing muscle. Upcoming test. Requested by Elora White

                        Will & Katie Hawkins – Auto injuries. Requested by Mike Childers

                        Carye Sarratt – Leukemia

                        Michael Balderman – Health issues. Requested by Tammy Jolly

                        Lana Smiley Ellis – Upcoming back surgery. Requested by Diane Yelton

                        Lori Turner – Dialysis and health issues. Requested by Danny Higgins

                        TJ Byers – Waiting heart transplant. Requested by Denise Scoggins

                        Jenna Blanken – Bell’s palsy. Donnie Gates’ niece

                        Wayne Richards – Heart issues. Requested by Rick Pearson

                        Taylor Crowders’ baby – Stroke and seizures. Requested by Elora White

                        Billy Lawson – Cancer

                        Crystal Jones – Cancer. Requested by Bobbie Smith

                        Mandy Hoyle – Kidney cancer. Requested by Shannon Jackson

                        Ann Wynans – Cancer treatments. Requested by Danny Higgins

                        Harold Putman – Heart failure, adjusting with medications. Sheila White’s brother

                        Janice Osment – Cancer. Requested by Kay Pearson

                        Glenda Parris – Treatments for ovarian cancer. Requested by Rick Pearson

                        Barry Hulsey – Health concerns. Requested by Lois Hamrick

                        Tabitha Hunter – Breast cancer. Requested by Linda Wilkins

                        Mike Talpas – Kidney cancer. Requested by Lisa Bishop

                        Ed Duris – Prostate cancer. Requested by Donnie Gates

                        Sandy Capps – Parkinson treatments. Jim Fagan’s sister

                        Bobby Price – Covid, plus cirrhosis of the liver. Johnny Price’s brother

                        Kay Alexander – Dana Green’s mother

                        Frances Jolley – Kidney issues. Rick Wilkin’s cousin

                        Sybil Owenby – Medical issues. Requested by Danny Higgins

                        Tammy Wilkie – Cancer. Requested by Danny Higgins

                        Eli Blanton – 9 yr old with bulging optic nerve. Requested by Lacey Ellison

                        Clyde Garrin – Needs kidney. Requested by Elora White

                        Justin Turner – Brain tumor


Nursing/Retirement Homes         

                        Billy Corbett – The Retreat 

                        Joe Buice – Palmetto Patriots VA Home in Gaffney. Jeff Buice’s dad

                        Gene Henderson – The Inverness at Spartanburg


Homebound – Rachel Blanton, Estelline Coyle, Vera Crowe, Charlotte Daves, Dot Painter and Louise Wyatt    


Military         Kyle Childers (Navy)                                                             Thomas Coleman (Marines)

                       Addison Fox (Air Force)                                                       Renn Gordon (Navy) Lois Hamrick’s grandson

                       Trent Solomon (Marines) Diane Yelton’s Nephew          Grayson Bryant (Navy) Requested by Kay Pearson

                       Gordon Vincent (Army) Catherine Caughman’s nephew