Prayer Requests

Updated June 13, 2024




Hospital           Lori Marinucci (SMC) Blood infection

                          Bill Waters (Gaffney, ICU) Requested by Marge Rogers

                          Ashley Sprouse (MUSC) Multiple health issues, Requested by Kelly Dillinger


Sympathy        Robbins family

                          Mitchell Mullinax family

                          Lisa Balladares family, Cameron Dickson’s mother

                          Richard Hope family


Hospice           Thelma Thompson – Beckie Thompson’s sister-in-law


Rehab               Ann Lecroy Phillips (Peachtree) Several problems from a fall. Requested by Jim Harlow

                          Robbie Harris (Peachtree)                                                

                          Justin Harvey (North Grove Rehab)

                          Drew Standridge – Requested by Kathy Nodine


Church             Teresa Childers – MRI in June 13th

                          Marshall Goforth – Oral surgery, Thursday, June 13th

                          Duane Hamrick – Back surgery on June 25th

                          Terry White – Cataract surgery, June 20th

                          Bobby Dooley – Cataract surgery, June 24th  

                          Lisa Bishop – Medical test

                          Scoop Upchurch – Knee problems

                          Candy Pettit – Injuries from fall

                          Donna Floyd – Illness

                          Mary Littleton – Blood clots on lung. Oral surgery went well.

                          Bobbie Smith – Health Issues                                          

                          Linda Kunkle – Dialysis without going into Afib

                          Tony Thomas – Medical test

                          Dana Green – Pain in hip. Requested by Steve Green

                          Kay Pearson – Medical issues

                          Carolyn Proctor – Broken patella.

                          Mike Childers – Back and ankle pains.  

                          Raymond & Diane Yelton – Health issues.

                          Carol Mintz – Follow up on her knee

                          Charlie & Doris Dover – His health and Doris as caregiver.

                          Gracie Sperber –Torn ACL, MCL & LCL partial torn. Requested by Beth Ellis

                          Johnny & Melinda Hulsey – Health concerns


Others              Joel Hullender – Medical issues. Requested by Shannon Jackson

                          Melissa Clark – Medical procedure. Requested by Kay Pearson

                          Kentrall Jones – Aneurysm, blind in one eye

                          Diane Pittman – Plate in foot to be removed. Betty Smith’s daughter

                          Bryson Belue – Seizures and medical test

                          Taylor White – Pregnant and due any day. Reqeusted by Shannon Jackson

                          Roy Mathis – Broken shoulder from fall.

                          Sandy Huggin – Recovering from pneumonia. Requested by Bobbie Smith

                          Mitch Humphreys – Home recovering from Stroke. Requested by Allison Wilburn

                          Rev James Parsons – Prostate cancer (Alabama) Requested by Lisa Bishop

                          Marcus Lindler – 18-year-old with cancer. Requested by Rick Pearson

                          Teresa Jacobs – Throat surgery June 6th. Donna Floyd’s cousin             

                          Jewell Durham – Recovering from knee surgery. Neil Durham’s mother.

                          Mike Jackson – Stomach issues. Josh Jackson’s father

                          Adam Richards – Surgery on nose. Requested by Kelly Oglesby

                          Richard Jones – Stage 4 cancer. Requested by Roxanne Haynes

                          Pat Sullivan – Melanoma. Requested by Johnny Price

                          Brody Robertson – Facial fractures, broken nose. Mark Robertson’s nephew

                          Sammy Harrison – Abdominal issues.

                          Margaret Green – Steve Green’s mother

                          Pat Parker – 89-year-old undergoing chemo and eventually surgery. Chris Cook’s co-worker’s grandmother

                          Steve Gulledge – To have kidney removed. Requested by Johnny Price

                          Trevor Willie – Possible hernia. Requested by Shannon Jackson

                          Ricky Green – Infection in spine. Requested by John Kidd

                          Sam Turner – Plasma treatment. Having lots of pain. Requested by Libby Thomas

                          Tina McDaniel – Recovering from auto accident injuries. Requested by Shannon Jackson

                          Ken Cash – Pacemaker and mobility issues

                          Mary Rochelle – Hand surgery. Faye Cartee’s sister

                          Tanner Phillps – Health issues. Requested by Debbie Goode

                          Lila Jo Ledbetter – Testing at MUSC. Requested by Shannon Jackson

                          Linda Jo Wyatt – Biopsy of artery. Requested by Kelly Dillenger

                          Sammy Harrison – Stomach problems. Requested by Tammie McGee

                          Teresa Pressler – Health. Martha Kennington’s mother.

                          Carroll Burgess – Recovering from stroke. Requested by John Kidd

                          Brandy Burch Snyder – Loosing eyesight. Heather Hoyt’s cousin

                          Ronnie Bachelor – Cancer. Requested by Danielle Harrison

                          Grayson Turner – Broken growth plate in foot. Requested by Libby Thomas

                          Becky Addington – Breast cancer.

                          Teresa Smith – Leg amputated and concern for other foot. Requested by Danny Higgins

                          David Rillings’ wife – Early dementia. Requested by Ron Harrill

                          Tashana Raley – Stroke. Requested by Shannon Jackson

                          Elizabeth Kennington – Heart issues. Jamie Kennington’s sister

                          Lillie Mullinax – Cancer. Requested by Kay Pearson

                          Amber Mathis – 12 mm nodule on lungs. Requested by Kelly Oglesby

                          Ronnie Thomas – Cancer treatment. To have bypass surgery. Requested by Marlene Belue

                          Arthur Frady – Cancer has returned. Requested by Shannon Jackson


Nursing/          Billy Corbett – The Retreat. Began dialysis.

Retirement      Gene Henderson – Sever congestive heart failure. Requested by Marshall Goforth

Homes             Harold Putnam – Palmetto Patriots VA Home in Gaffney. Sheila White’s brother

                          Kay Spencer – Stroke. Valley Falls NH, Spartanburg SC

                          Peggy Phillips – Brookview. Johnny Hulsey’s sister

                          Rachel Blanton – Peachtree


Homebound    Estelline Coyle, Vera Crowe, Charlotte Daves, Sandra Lipscomb, Dot Painter, Louise Wyatt


Military             Kyle Childers (Navy)                                                          Thomas Coleman (Marines)

                           Addison Fox (Air Force)                                                    Renn Gordon (Navy) Lois Hamrick’s grandson

                           Roman Gibson                                                                   Gordon Vincent (Army) Catherine Caughman’s nephew    

                           Cameron Dickson (Army National Guard)

                          Jack Osment (Marines) & Daniel Osment (Army NG) Beckie Thompson’s nephews