Prayer Requests

Updated March 21, 2023


Hospital          David Cobb (St. Francis) Recovering from two surgeries. Requested by Marshall Goforth

                         Diane Hill (North Grove) injuries from a fall

                         Oaklyn Harris (SMC-NICU) Recovering from abdominal surgery. Rick & Kay Pearson’s granddaughter

                         Jessica Manning – Multiple broken bones & injuries from car accident.

                         Henry Lewis (Raleigh NC) Stroke & atrial fibrillation. Tonya Buice’s uncle

                         Nick Parker (Lexington) Massive heart attack. Requested by Mendy Gordon

                         George Hames (SMC) Septic from ruptured appendix


Sympathy        Doug Price Family.  Johnny Price’s brother

                          Diana Bedenbaugh Family.

                          Jeanie Henderson Family

                          David Crocker Family. Vettie Crocker’s son


Hospice          Jessica Humphries – Hospice care with cancer. Requested by Danny Higgins

                         Mike Thomas Requested by Vettie Crocker


Rehab              Lisa Peeler Brady (Care Partner, Asheville) Requested by Danny Higgins

                         Kathy Brock (NHC Healthcare, Greenville) Rehab from stroke. Jerry Seller’s sister

                         Drew Standridge – Requested by Kathy Nodine


Mission           Chad & Ashley Shuford ­– Dominican Republic.

Special            Deacons, Pastor Search Committee


Church            Teresa Childers – Medical tests, Friday, March 24

                         Rick Pearson – Hip issues

                         Dana Green – Surgery on Wednesday, March 22 for wound cleaning.

                         Ryan Buice – Oral surgery – wisdom teeth, March 20th.

                         Mark Robertson – Recovering and waiting test results from neck surgery  

                         Sandra Lipscomb – Home with Home Healthcare

                         Sheila White – Kidney stone   

                         Donnie Gates – Cataract surgery, April 5th, on second eye.

                         Andrew Ellis – Running test.

                         Doris Dover – Health issues

                         Connie Earls – Atherosclerosis. Requested by Linda Wilkins

                         Chester Spencer – Kidney and pancreas failure

                         Rusty Strings members & ministry

                         Johnny & Melinda Hulsey – Health concerns


Others            Jace Pearson – Stomach flu. Rick Pearson’s great-nephew

                         Gene Crawford – Health issues. Carol Mintz’ step-father

                         Lisa Kelly ­– Recovering from hip surgery. Josh Jackson’s sister

                         Lois Lane – Pneumonia. Requested by Lois Hamrick

                         Lindsey Hyder – Health issues. Shannon Jackson’s sister

                         Taylor White – Issues from back surgery. Shannon Jackson’s niece

                         Jane Petty – Knee replacement surgery

                         Wofford Caughman – Helping a church in NC

                         James Lloyd Blanton – COPD. Rick Pearson’s cousin

                         Catine Smith – Health issues.

                         Joe Osborne – Medical issues

                         Joyce Hill – Heart catheterization, March 17. Linda Wilkins’ sister

                         Tony Thomas’ son & son’s fiancé – she has terminal thyroid cancer.

                         Cathy Owenby – Upcoming valve replacement in April.

                         Timken Employees – jobs and recent death

                         Braylen – 2-year-old recovering from heart surgery. Requested by Myra McCoy

                         Chloe Rochester – 3-year-old began cancer treatments. Requested by Delores Hannon

                         Tyson Norris – Salvation

                         Tammy Painter – Seeking God’s will.

                         Linda & Earl Fowler – Medical problems. Requested by Betty Smith

                         Roger Stacey – Kidney cancer. Bobby Stacey’s brother

                         Jeff Elmore – Cancer. Requested by Martha Kennington

                         Joan Hall – Knee replacement

                         Mark Roberts – Medical tests. Requested by Donnie Gates

                         Chasye Mole – 12-year-old losing his vision

                         Twana Mole – Mother of 12-year-old losing his vision

                         Kim Morris – Heart problems from covid

                         James & Natasha White – Covid in Maryland. Terry White’s brother

                         Lindy Traughber – Recovering from brain surgery.

                         Brenda Mintz – Injured in a fall.

                         Ashby Blakely – Foot issues.

                         Leonard Gallman – Multiple myeloma. Requested by Kay Pearson

                         James Goforth – Heart. Marshall Goforth’s brother

                         Dawn Scruggs – Thyroid removed problems with medication. Requested by Judy Childers

                         RoseMary Cygan – Health issues. Requested by Angie Sellers

                         Legend White – Stomach issues. Christy Byars daughter

                         Kay Mullinax – Pneumonia. Requested by Mendy Gordon

                         Mrs. Durante – Brain surgery. Requested by Ron Harrill

                         Vici Teague – Strokes. Terry White’s niece

                         Richard Blackwell – Kidney dialysis. Requested by Jack & Mendy Gordon

                         Kris Guy – kidney disease, pneumonia & fluid buildup. Requested by Martha Kennington

                         Jennifer Guy – Health problems. Requested by Martha Kennington

                         Lawrence Laughlin – Not eating. Judy Childers’ uncle

                         Carlton Carter, Sr – Heart issues

                         Hillary Fowler – Tumor was benign. Requested by Beth Ellis

                         Diane Johnson – Cancer. Requested by Carol Mintz

                         Robin Doyle – Cancer. Requested by Danny Higgins

                         Kara Ingle – Home but continuing rehab. Mark & Beth Walker’s niece

                         Donna Proctor – Cancer.

                         Mildred McCall  Continue infusion cancer treatments. Joyce Wright’s sister-in-law

                         Carye Sarratt – Leukemia


Nursing/          Billy Corbett – The Retreat 

Retirement     Joe Buice – Palmetto Patriots VA Home in Gaffney. Jeff Buice’s dad           

Homes            Gene Henderson – The Inverness at Spartanburg

                         Kay Spencer – Stroke. Valley Falls NH, Spartanburg SC

Homebound – Rachel Blanton, Estelline Coyle, Vera Crowe, Charlotte Daves, Dot Painter, Louise Wyatt, Raymond & Diane Yelton 


Military            Kyle Childers (Navy)                                                        Thomas Coleman (Marines)

                          Addison Fox (Air Force)                                                   Renn Gordon (Navy) Lois Hamrick’s grandson

                          Trent Solomon (Marines) Diane Yelton’s nephew       Gordon Vincent (Army) Catherine Caughman’s nephew    

                          Tucker Earls (Air Force) Rick & Kay Pearson’s grandson