Building Rental Policy

Southside offers its facilities to both members and non-members. Please note that members and their spouses, parents, children, grandchildren and grandparents will not be charged for use of facility. Also, if a family member uses church and/or FLC that is not a member of Southside, the member would need to be present to oversee the usage. If members wish to use the Janitorial Service the fees will apply. The following guidelines and rules for reservations and facility usage:

  • All dates and facility usage must be reserved with the church secretary. If there are no conflicts with the requested date, the dates will be placed on the church calendar.
  • All checks and payments will be made to Southside Baptist Church.
  • A deposit of half of the total will be required to be made sixty days in advance.
  • Payment in full to be paid thirty days prior to the event.
  • Upon cancellation in sixty days a full refund will be issued.
  • Upon cancellation in thirty days half of refund will be issued.
  • Upon cancellation after thirty days no refund will be issued.
  • Upon cancellation due to an emergency our Deacon Board will determine the amount of the refund to be issued.
  • A Southside Baptist appointed monitor will need to be present at every nonmember event to monitor. A list of qualified monitor’s will be provided. The charge will be a flat rate of $50.00 for first five hours anything over the five hours will be $10.00 per hour. Renter will need to coordinate with monitor on arrival and departure time.
  • A deposit of $100.00 dollars per building will be required for cleaning or any damage occurred during the event. A refund will be issued within fourteen days if clean up passes inspection and no damage to property.
  • Guidelines will be provided for cleaning and care of facilities.
  • For wedding parties the bride and groom will need to secure their own instrumentalists and vocalists. They will be responsible for the proper gratuity for those individual services rendered.
  • Music must be approved by Music Director or Pastor.
  • Should the bride and groom desire use of the church’s sound system and technicians, this will need to be scheduled by the Chairman of Audio. If these individuals and services are used, a proper gratuity given for the services rendered as listed.
  • Available to the wedding party are the church sanctuary, fellowship hall and kitchen.
  • It is expected that members of the wedding party will honor the church as the House of God and will conduct themselves in a manner of respect for this place of worship.
  • Southside Baptist Church shall not be held liable for any injuries incurred while on church property.
  • Southside Baptist Church is not responsible for theft or damage to any property belonging to attendees.

Guidelines for building usage:


  • Pulpit furniture may only be removed with the proper supervision of a Southside staff member.
  • All candles that are used must be of a dripless nature. Should any wax fall to the carpet or upholstery, it must be removed as soon as service is complete.
  • Heat and air conditioning settings must be handled by a monitor of Southside Baptist Church.

At the conclusion of the wedding event, the sanctuary must be placed back in the same arrangement that it was found. This includes carpet vacuuming, furniture dusting and placing of pulpit furniture in proper place. Should the service of the church custodian be needed, they must be scheduled when reserving the facilities and proper gratuity given for the services rendered as listed.

Family Life Center

  • Tables and chairs may be used as needed.
  • Lattice work may be used for decorative purposes. Lattice may not be removed from inside the building.
  • At the conclusion of the reception, the fellowship hall must be placed back in the same arrangement that it was prior to arranging for reception.
  • All tables and chairs must be wiped clean and the floor swept and wet mopped. Should the services of the church custodian be needed, they must be scheduled when reserving the facilities and proper gratuity given for the services rendered as listed.
  • Alcoholic beverages may not be served or consumed on church property.


  • Utensils and equipment (stove, refrigerator and ice machine) may be used.
  • Area must be left clean and orderly following the event.

The following fees apply:

 Non-MembersExtra Day
Sound System Tech$75 
Janitorial ServicesSanctuary $100FLC $100
Building Monitor Fee$50 (five hours)$10 (per hour thereafter)

Guidelines for Monitor:

Start Upstairs:

  • Check all lights
  • Check restrooms (no water leaking)

Move To basement:

  • Check all lights
  • Check restrooms and old kitchen (no water leaking)
  • Secure both downstairs doors

Main floor:

  • Check all lights
  • Remember to make sure all sanctuary lights are off. The new lights must be turned ALL the way off.
  • Check restrooms (no water leaking)
  • There are three doors on this floor
  • Sanctuary Door
  • Office Door
  • Back Door at handicap ramp

Family Life Center:

  • Check all lights
  • Check restrooms and kitchen (no water leaking)
  • Double check glass doors. They have a tendency to not close properly. Sometimes you have to keep hitting the panic bar so the doors will align properly at the top. The four doors in the gym area can be checked by pushing on them from the inside.
  • All thermostats are programed and the monitor will need to coordinate with rental party and adjust thermostat settings accordingly for their event. At the end of the event please set back to pre-programed settings.