Wedding Policy

  1. No weddings will be planned without first consulting with the pastor, and then clearance with the church calendar. This needs to be done several months advance if possible. Also a counseling session(s) with the pastor must be scheduled.
  2. If the wedding party should like to have another pastor (other than Southside’s pastor) to officiate the wedding, it is requested that the officiating pastor contact Southside’s pastor as soon as possible. The officiating pastor is asked to have a minimum of one counseling sessions with the couple.
  3. All music will be checked out with the pastor and/or music director thirty (30) days in advance as to its appropriateness, since the wedding is a sacred service.
  4. Use of Facilities: Since our church is already furnished as a place of worship, it will not need elaborate decorations for a wedding. The florist selected will be responsible for decorating, and removing the decorations without interfering with other scheduled services. There will be no nails or screws used in the woodwork, no decorations suspended from light fixtures or attached to the walls, and no tape or adhesive used on pews or walls.
    1. Care and precaution must be used in disconnecting the jack-plugs under the pulpit and the use of any additional wiring.
    2. Care must be used to avoid scratches and smudges.
    3. The director is responsible for replacing furniture immediately following the wedding.
    4. It is requested that the florist use dripless candles or carefully cover the carpet under other types of candles. A copy of these policies must be given to the florist by the bride so that there will be no misunderstandings, for any damage to above mentioned properties will be charged to the bride and groom.
  5. While there is no charge made for the use of the church building to a member of the church, or to their children, maintenance costs will be charged when the above does not pertain in the amount of: $200.00 for sanctuary / $200.00 for Family Life Center
  6. There will be no smoking on the church property at any time. All folks participating in the wedding or attending the wedding or the wedding rehearsal must be dressed properly. There will be no alcoholic beverages served or drank on the church property at any time. No wedding or rehearsal will be conducted when any member of the wedding party is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If any couple plans the reception at another place we ask for you to remember the Christian witness of a church wedding, and that you do not serve alcohol.
  7. No rice, bird seed or confetti may be thrown in any of the church buildings. If rice, bird seed or confetti is thrown on sidewalks and entranceway, it must be cleaned up before the next scheduled church event.
  8. The wedding party is responsible in obtaining the keys to the church four business days prior to the wedding and to return them to the church office the first business day after the wedding.
  9. The fee for the pastor to officiate the wedding (this includes counseling sessions): Members – At their discretion. / Non Member – $200.00 (This also includes children of church members.)