Southside Baptist Church
Thursday, June 04, 2020
Gaffney, South Carolina

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Look what is sitting at the back door of our Educational Building. One of our church
members felt a calling from the Lord to do this during this particular time we are
going through. This was done for our church family in mind. This is not to replace
the Blessing Box that our WMU is working on that will be put at the road
for anybody in the community to take from. 
If you need something or would like to leave something, please do so. There are
also some Bibles in there. I am going to put our Home Life, Maturity Living and
Mission Magazines in there too. How about this? What about Christian books or
DVD's that you are finished with? We can use this as a great exchange place to
help others!



Help us celebrate our GRADUATES!

Please share their name, school and degree with us.
You can call the office at 864-489-6504,
emails us at, or
message us on Facebook.





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