Southside Baptist Church
Friday, May 20, 2022
Gaffney, South Carolina

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Southside Baptist Church Prayer List

May 19, 2022
Hospital        Kara Ingle (Charlotte -ICU) Serious injuries from motorcycle accident. Mark & Beth Walker's niece
                       Wendy Bridges – Double mastectomy surgery May 16th. Requested by Denise Scoggins
                       TJ Byers – Waiting heart transplant. Requested by Denise Scoggins
Sympathy      To Betty Smith in the death of her grandson, Zach Johnson
                       To the Jacob Caggiano family
                       To the Carol Coleman family, Wesley Burr’s grandmother
                       To the family of Sandra Wilkerson
Special          Pastor Search Committee and our future pastor
                       Church family during this transitional period
                       Our nation/ world
                       People of Ukraine
Hospice        Jeanie Henderson (White Oak, North Grove)
                     Mike Thomas Requested by Vettie Crocker
Rehab           Sara Martin – White Oak Estates
                      Lynn Poole – Requested by Tammy Jolly
                      Drew Standridge – Some movement in arms & legs. Requested by Kathy Nodine
Church           Roger Childers – Heart issues
                       Chip Scoggins – Back pain / issues
                       Bobbie Smith – Finger & hand still having difficulties.
                       Sheila White – Stomach bug
                       Charlie Dover – Recovering from hernia surgery. Requested by Joyce Wright
                       Betty Smith – Blood pressure problems
                       Mendy Gordon – Seizures
                       Beth Ellis – Foot surgery in near future
                       Billy Corbett – Cancer treatments. Requested by Kim Ruppe
                       Connie Earls – Atherosclerosis. Requested by Linda Wilkins
                       Cathy Butler – Thyroid concerns
                       Lori Kidd – Cancer on lung.  
                       Terry White – Hip replacement surgery, May 25th. Requested by Sheila White
                       David Henson – Atypical Parkinson. Requested by Joyce Wright
                      Chester Spencer – Kidney and pancreas failure
                      Raymond & Diane Yelton – Health issues  
                      Rusty Strings members & ministry
                      Johnny & Melinda Hulsey – Health concerns
Others           Howard Barnhill - Upcoming surgery. Requested by Rick Wilkins
                       Ann Wynans – Cancer treatments. Requested by Danny Higgins
                       Harold Putman – Heart failure. Adjusting with medications
                       Billy Laughlin – Infection on finger. Judy Childers’ brother
                      Janice Morrow – Internal bleeding. Requested by Elora White
                      Janice Osment – Cancer. Requested by Kay Pearson
                      Glenda Parris - Treatments for ovarian cancer. Requested by Rick Pearson
                      Addie Grace Byers – 11 yr old HOME after heart transplant.
                      Barry Hulsey – Health concerns. Requested by Lois Hamrick
                      Evelyn Laughlin – Injured in fall. Judy Childers’ mother
                      Carolyn Mitchell – Health issues. Tammy Jolly’s mother
                      Tom Dooley – Recovering from motorcycle accident. Requested by Jane Fagan
                      Tabitha Hunter – Breast cancer. Requested by Linda Wilkins
                      Louise Duncan - Recovering from back surgery. Requested by Joyce Wright
                      Mildred McCall – Took her last cancer treatment. Requested by Joyce Wright
                      Mike Talpas – Kidney cancer. Requested by Lisa Bishop
                      Beth Lemmons – Kidney stones. Requested by Lisa Bishop
                      Ed Duris – Prostate cancer. Requested by Donnie Gates
                      Sandy Capps – Parkinson treatments. Jim Fagan’s sister
                      Bobby Price – Covid, plus cirrhosis of the liver. Johnny Price’s brother
                      Cathy Stanley – Cancer and death of her husband
                      Chris Guy – Kidney problems
                      Carter Family – Requested by Danny Higgins
                      Lawrence Laughlin – Began chemo treatments. Requested by Judy Childers
                      Janie Wyatt – Stage 4 cancer
                      Kay Alexander – Dana Green’s mother
                      Kim Eaker – Stage 4 liver cancer, inoperable. Requested by Rachel Caughman
                      Frances Jolley – Kidney issues. Rick Wilkin’s cousin
                      Janet Shuford – Fatty liver. Requested by Mike Childers.
                      Sybil Owenby – Medical issues. Requested by Danny Higgins
                      Tammy Wilkie – Cancer. Requested by Danny Higgins
                      Linda Chapman – Health problems. Requested by Bobbie Smith
                      Christine Crawford – Eye problems.                       
                      Eli Blanton – 9 yr old with bulging optic nerve.  Requested by Lacey Ellison
                      Clyde Garrin – Needs kidney. Requested by Elora White
                      Justin Turner – Brain tumor
                      Jay Goss – Cancer. Requested by Johnny Price
                      Karen Blanton – Blood cancer. Requested by Marshall Goforth
                      Todd Huffman – Cancer treatments. Requested by Johnny Price
                      Hayden – 4-year-old from Forest City with leukemia. Requested by Chip Scoggins
                      David Crocker – Lung cancer. Vettie Crocker’s son
                      James Coley – Stage 2 throat cancer. Requested by Donnie Gates
                      Phillip Dill – Problems with lungs. Requested by Danny Higgins
                      Allison Corbett –Brain tumor. Requested by Donnie & Toni Gates
Nursing Homes/Retirement Homes
                      Joe Buice – Palmetto Patriots VA Home in Gaffney. Jeff Buice’s dad
                      Rev. John Goforth – The Retreat of Gaffney
                      Gene Henderson – Inverness of Spartanburg
              Rachel Blanton, Earl & Estelline Coyle, Vera Crowe, Charlotte Daves, and Dot Painter    
Military            Kyle Childers (Navy)
                       Thomas Coleman (Marines)
                       Addison Fox (Air Force) 
                       Wren Gordon (Navy) Lois Hamrick’s grandson
                       Trent Solomon (Marines) Diane Yelton’s Nephew
                       Grayson Bryant (Navy) Requested by Kay Pearson
                       Gordon Vincent (Army) Catherine Caughman’s nephew
To Give In Honor