Southside Baptist Church
Monday, January 17, 2022
Gaffney, South Carolina

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Southside Baptist Church Prayer List

January 4, 2022
Hospital        Becky Erwin (SMC) Health issues. Requested by Lisa Bishop
Sympathy     To the Barbara Henry family
                      To the NC Highway Patrolman's Horton family.
 Special        Pastor Search Committee
                     Church family during this transitional period
Hospice       Jeanie Henderson (White Oak, North Grove)
Church         Jane Fagan – Medical procedure
                     Beckie Thompson – Health issues.
                     David & Jennifer Henson – Health issues
                     Bobbie Smith – Auto accident injured hand
                     Martha Thornton - Home recovering
                     Beth Ellis – Recovering from surgery.
                     Charlie Dover – Health issues. Requested by Joyce Wright
                     Ron Harrill – Health concerns
                     Candy Pettit – Issue with good eye.
                     Billy Corbett – Begins treatment for multiple myeloma cancer.
                     Chester Spencer – Kidney and pancreas failure
                     Sheila White – Cough and congestion
                     Raymond Yelton – Stem cell treatments to begin
                     Diane Yelton – Health concerns  
                     Faye Harris – Health problems
                     Rusty Strings members & ministry
                     Brenda Parker – Health issues
                     Johnny & Melinda Hulsey – Health concerns
Others         Lawrence Laughlin – Mass in stomach
                    Wofford Caughman – Recovering from surgeries.
                    Kay Alexander – Dana Green's mother
                    Cynthia Arrowood – Hip problems
                    Kim Eaker – Stage 4 liver cancer. Inoperable. Requested by Rachel Caughman
                    Grayson Bryant – Auto accident. Kay Pearson’s nephew
                    Sandra Capps – Decision on Parkinson treatments. Jim Fagan’s sister
                    Barry Hulsey – Health issues. Lois Hamrick’s son
                    Frances Jolley – Kidney issues. Rick Wilkin’s cousin
                    Janet Shuford – Fatty liver. Requested by Mike Childers.
                    Steve Upchurch – Recovering from knee surgery
                    William Mullinax – Upcoming medical tests. Lacey Ellison’s grandfather
                    Sybil Owenby – Medical issues. Requested by Danny Higgins
                    Taylor Ivester – Recovering from auto accident. Requested by Kay Pearson
                    Doug Simmons – Home in wheelchair after 3 months with Covid. Requested by Linda Wilkins
                    Jackie Putman – Recovering from open heart surgery
                    Johnny Parker – Recovering from jaw surgery
                    Esbert Pearson – Medical issues
                    Dean & Carolyn Mitchell – Tammy Jolly’s parents
                    Wendy Bridges – Breast cancer treatment. Requested by Denise Scoggins
                    Lori Turner – Recovering from stroke. Requested by Danny Higgins
                    Kierstyn Lydia – Recovering from injuries due to auto accident.  
                    Brock O’Brien – Improving and has begun walking. Requested by Shannon Jackson
                    Dr. Carnes – Medical problems. Requested by Martha Kennington
                    Jackie Putman – Open heart surgery. Requested by Sheila White
                    Marsha Guest – Medical test. Requested by Donnie Gates
                    Tammy Wilkie – Cancer. Requested by Danny Higgins
                    Linda Chapman – Health problems. Requested by Bobbie Smith
                    Christine Crawford – Eye problems.
                    Eli Blanton – 9 yr old with bulging optic nerve.  Requested by Lacey Ellison
                    Ray Martin – Requested by Rick Littleton
                    Clyde Garrin – Needs kidney. Requested by Elora White
                    Justin Turner – Brain tumor
                    Mildred McCall – Cancer. Requested by Joyce Wright
                    Jay Goss – Cancer. Requested by Johnny Price
                    Jim Palmer – Spot on brain. Pamela Duncan’s uncle
                    Karen Blanton – Blood cancer. Requested by Marshall Goforth
                    Todd Huffman – Cancer treatments. Requested by Johnny Price
                    Hayden – 4-year-old from Forest City with leukemia. Requested by Chip Scoggins
                    David Crocker – Lung cancer. Vettie Crocker’s son
                    Terri Hadden – Chemo/radiation treatments. Requested by Vettie Crocker
                    Tracey Parker – Cancer. Requested by Brenda Parker
                    James Coley – Stage 2 throat cancer. Requested by Donnie Gates
                    Phillip Dill – Problems with lungs. Requested by Danny Higgins
                    Allison Corbett –Brain tumor. Requested by Donnie & Toni Gates
                    Harold Putnam – Leukemia/Parkinson’s. Sheila White’s brother  
Nursing Homes/Retirement Homes
                    Joe Buice – Summit Hills in Spartanburg. Jeff Buice’s dad
                    Rev. John Goforth – The Retreat of Gaffney
                    Gene Henderson – Inverness of Spartanburg
              Rachel Blanton, Earl & Estelline Coyle, Vera Crowe, Charlotte Daves, Sara Martin, Annette Mintz and Dot Painter    
Military         Kyle Childers (Navy)
                     Thomas Coleman (Marines)
                     Addison Fox (Air Force) 
                     Wren Gordon (Navy) Lois Hamrick’s grandson
                     Trent Solomon (Marines) Diane Yelton’s Nephew
                     Grayson Bryant (Navy) Requested by Kay Pearson
                     Gordon Vincent (Army) Catherine Caughman’s nephew