Southside Baptist Church of Gaffney, SC
Wednesday, November 25, 2015
Gaffney, South Carolina







November 25, 2015


Hospital      Gene Henderson (SRMC)

                    Dean Mitchell (SRMC) Tammy Jolly’s dad

                    Dennis Shackleford (SRMC) Surgery on foot. Jon Shackleford’s dad

                    Linda Brackins (Union) Heart problem. Roy Brackins’ mom

                    Pat Uballe (Ft. Hood, Texas) Blood clots. Benjamin Swayngim’s aunt

                    Ava Hammett (Hospice) Bobby Stacey’s aunt


Praise          Lilly Mueller – Leukemia is in remission!

                    Perry Belue – Cancer free. Shared by Vicki Threadgill

                    Steven, Bonnie & Kristin Crocker desiring membership in our church family


Sympathy    To the Clum Family in the loss of their baby. Requested by Travis McGee


Church        Maxine Harris – Medical problems

Members     Ansel Belue – Medical problems

                    Doris Wilkerson – Breathing problems

                    Beth Ellis – To have surgery on finger

                    Estelline Coyle – Medical problems

                    Bobby Stacey – Recovering from knee surgery

                    Teresa Childers – Injured in fall

                    Melinda Hulsey – Health problems

                    Faye Cartee – Injured in fall


Others         Slick Owensby – Medical tests at Columbia VA. Requested by Kay Pearson

                    Dawn Debski – Cancer. Requested by Shannon Jackson

                    Alton McCraw – Cancer. Requested by Duane Hamrick

                    Billy Thompson – PET scan.  Beckie Thompson’s husband

                    Robert (Bob) Childers – Cancer. Requested by Toni Gates

                    Danielle Caday Paone - Injured in motorcycle accident. Requested by Melinda Hulsey

                    Linda McFalls – Hip problems. Requested by Betty Smith

                    Donald Turner – Dialysis. Requested by Melinda Hulsy

                    Rev. Jones Brewer – To have open heart surgery

                    Caleb Rollins – Involved in car accident. Requested by Kay Pearson

                    Judy Weber – Cancer treatment. Requested by Vicki Threadgill

                    David Brackins – Dementia & Parkinsons. Roy Brackins’ dad

                    Walter Pearson – Injured in fall. Rick Pearson’s dad

                    Mitchell Wells – Knee replacement. Yvonne Hughes’ brother

                    Jeremy Gee – Cancer. Requested by Danny Higgins

                    Grant Hopper – Medical problems. Requested by Danny Higgins

                    Todd Dillard – Health problems. Requested by Vicki Threadgill

                    Lewis Petty – Injured in accident. Requested by Melissa Hughes

                    John Cook – Medical problems. Requested by Matt Cook

                    Glenn Oliver – Health problems. Requested by Jane Fagan

                    Tommy Cooper – Recovering from heart surgery. Requested by Tammy Jolly

                    Sylvia Yearwood – Health problems. Requested by Myra McCoy

                    Roger Quinn – Leukemia. Requested by Matt Cook

                    W.C. Foster – Medical problems. Requested by Raymond & Diane Yelton

                    Chandler Perry – Recovering from knee surgery. Requested by Kay Pearson

                    Millie Donahue – Cancer. Requested by Evelyn Clary

                    Larry Scruggs – Recovering from back surgery. Requested by Bobbie Smith

                    Jude Cooper – 6 Year Old with health problems. Requested by Kay Pearson

                    Clarence Cook – Knee problems. Matt Cook’s dad

                     Suzanne Brown – Breast Cancer. Requested by Johnny & Elaine Price

                    Freddie Coggins – Chemo treatments. Requested by Kelley Oglesby

                    Brenda Halsey – Stroke. Requested by Judy Childers

                     Kim Booth – Parkinsons & cancer. Requested by Donna Floyd

                    John Major – Cancer. Requested by Melinda & Johnny Hulsey

                    Jay Cash – Lupus & neuropathy. Requested by Jim Fagan

                    Jeannie Putnam – Kidney disease. Requested by Sheila White

                    Frances Higgins – Health problems. Danny Higgins’ mother


Nursing Homes/Retirement Homes/Hospice Facilities

                    Wayne Davis – Peachtree for rehab.  Requested by Tammie McGee

                    Pauline Floyd – Mountain View, Spartanburg. Sandy Floyd’s mother

                    Betsy Greer – Lynchburg, Virginia

                    Frances Hall – Maranatha, Spartanburg

                    Margaret Martin – Brookview. Shannon Jackson’s grandmother

                    Evelyn Osment – Brookview for rehab

                    Patty Wylie – Brookview.  Brian Wylie’s mother


Homebound: Aliene Clary, Frances Coyle, Vera Crowe, Candes Gibson, Bill Harris, Bud Humphries, Sara Martin, Roy & Martha Millwood, Gwen Owen, Lib Phillips, Rachel Sells, and Ruth Thompson    


Military       Gordon Vincent (Army) Cheryl Alexander’s son-in-law


                    Landon Mintz (Army) Afghanistan. Cathy Thornton’s Nephew