Southside Baptist Church
Wednesday, August 20, 2014
Gaffney, South Carolina
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August 20, 2014
Hospital       Frances Pettit (SRMC) Cancer surgery
                     David Birchfield (SRMC) Tumors on spine.  Requested by Catherine Caughman
                     George Rochester Jr. (SRMC) Delores Hannon’s brother
                     Lib Sparks (Florida) Leon Millen’s aunt
Sympathy     To Donald & Debbie Goode in the death of Donald’s brother – Andy Goode
                     To Diane Yelton in the death of her uncle, Harry Scruggs
Church         Ricky Pearson – To see spine specialist Aug. 29
Family          Sheila White – Upcoming shoulder surgery
                     Brenda Parker – Knee replacement Sept. 9
                     Jeff Butler – Medical problems
                     John Kidd – Vision problems
                     Ashley Mills – Problems in late stages of pregnancy
                     Jack Clary – Mini-strokes
                     Barbara Henry – Recovering from cancer surgery
                     Bridget Brackins – Low blood sugar & high blood pressure
Others          Louise Wyatt - Frances Pettit’s mother
                     Cathy Hodges – Recovering from reconstructive surgery.  Requested by Donnie Gates
                     Gail Duckett – Injured in fall.  Requested by Donna Floyd
                     Rick Rogers - Tree limb fell on him       
                     Allen Cantrell - Requested by Donna Floyd
                     Wanda Hancock - Requested by Pam Goforth
                     Charles Price - Lung cancer
                     Ann Pryor – Recovering from back surgery.  Requested through Dial-A-Devotion
                     Gary Upchurch – Another tumor.  Linda Wilkins’ brother-in-law
                     John White – Liver problems, but doing better.  Requested by Joyce Wright
                     Dennis Lowery – Lung cancer.  Requested by Jane Fagan
                     David Barton – Health issues.  Kay Barton’s husband
                     Matt Cook’s dad – Kidney stone
                     Everett Peterson - Pastor of the Awaken Church in Gaffney
                     Betsy Hatcher – Cancer has returned.  Requested by Kim Ruppe
                     Wendy Lu – Cancer treatment.  Requested by Ron Harrill
                     Doris Lester – Recovering from surgery.  Delores Hannon’s sister
                     Jerry Mullinax – Recovering from surgery.  Donna Floyd’s brother
                     Chad Blanton – Throat Cancer.  Requested by Ansel Belue
                     Deena Burr – Health problems.  Wesley Burr’s mother
                     John Lee Wylie - Requested by Johnny Hulsey
                     Dean Mason - Nick Mason’s father
                     Jody Powell - Requested by Faye Cartee
                     Wilma Ramsey – Broken hip.  Requested by Charles Childers
                     Ben Proctor – Cancer surgery postponed.  Carolyn Proctor’s grandson
                     Louise Johnson – Prayer requested through Dial-A-Devotion
                     Libby Hodge – Liver disease.  Requested by Catherine Caughman
                     Madge Gardner – Broken arm.  Annette Mintz’s sister
                     Rachel Downs – Melonoma.  Requested by Melissa Hughes
                     Charlie Parker – Prostate cancer.  Requested by Rick Pearson
                     Olan Jones – Prostate cancer.  Tina Stacey’s brother
                     Brenda Thompson – Facing surgry.  Chip Scoggins’ aunt
                     Martina Smalley – Health issues.  Requested by Lynn Wilkins
                     Michelle Jones – Breast cancer.  Requested by Tammy Bright
                     Patrick Cox – Recovering from outpatient surgery.  Kelly Hawkins’ dad
                     Buddy Gillespie - Mini-strokes. Requested by Donnie Gates
                     Bill Proctor – Health problems.  Carolyn Proctor’s husband
                     Ashley McFalls – Recovering from knee surgery.  Requested by Betty Smith
                     Scott Patterson – Intestinal problems.  Requested by Joe Brown
                     Karen Gainey – Breast Cancer.  Requested by Tammy Jolly
                     Walter Pearson – Having mini-strokes. Ricky Pearson’s dad
                     Patsy Thomas – Lung cancer.  Requested by Johnny Hulsey
                     Keith Kirby – Cancer.  Requested by Lynn Wilkins
                     Barbara Griffin Bridges – Cancer.  Requested by Johnny & Melinda Hulsey
                     Scott Morgan – Leukemia.  Requested by Carol Mintz
                     Luke Laughlin – Cancer treatment.  Judy Childers’ brother    
                     Joan Childers – Cancer. Requested by Tammy Jolly
                     Carol Diana – Cancer has returned.  Requested by Shelia White
Nursing Homes/Retirement Homes/Hospice Facility
   Pauline Floyd – Sandy Floyd’s mother at Mtn. View Nursing Home
   Betsy GreerLynchburg, Virginia
   Doris Pettit – Peachtree
   Mary Putnam – Magnolia’s of Gaffney.  Sheila White’s mother
   George RogersAnderson
   Patty Wylie – Brookview.  Brian Wylie’s mother
Homebound:  Aliene Clary, Frances Coyle, Vera Crowe, Candes Gibson, Bill & Maxine Harris, Bud Humphries, Frances Jackson, Martha Millwood, Gwen Owen, Lib Phillips and Bill Wilkerson       
Military     Gordon Vincent (Army) Cheryl Alexander’s son-in-law