Southside Baptist Church of Gaffney, SC
Monday, January 26, 2015
Gaffney, South Carolina







January 23, 2015


Hospital       Dean Gallman (SRMC) Requested by Jane Fagan
                     Bette Berry (SRMC) Requested by Kiri Shehan
                     Susan Wyatt (SRMC) Judy Childers’ sister    
                     Phillip McCraw (Mary Black) Requested by Kay Pearson
                     Barbara Strain (Roger C. Peace, Greenville)
Sympathy    To the family of James Hawkins (brother of Patty Hall)
Special:        For the ministry of Cherokee Pregnancy Center
Church          Beth Ellis – New medications for rheumatoid arthritis
Member        Ruth Thompson - Heart issues
                     Allison Wilburn - Knee surgery
                     Jeff Butler - New medications
                     Ansel Belue – Health problems
                     Odie Pickler – Health problems
                     Raymond Yelton – Sore on foot
                     Ryan Clary – Problems with his knee
                     Frances Pettit Cancer treatment
                     Jeanie Henderson - MRI on neck
                     Rachel Sells - Medical issues
                     Bill Harris - Health concerns
                    Jim Fagan - Shoulder problem          
                     The many that are sick with flu, colds, etc.
Others          James Wyatt - Pam Goforth's uncle
                     Velina Owensby - Injured ankle
                     Daniel Huggin - To have shoulder sugery
                     Andrea Phillips - Johnny & Elaine Price's daughter
                     Chuck Blanken – Major back surgery.  Requested by Donnie Gates
                     Gladys Byars – Medical tests.  Requested by Cathy Butler
                     David Holt – Cancer/blood clots. Requested by Vicki Threadgill
                     Jayden Mullinax – To have surgery. Requested by Bridget Brackins
                     Barbara Guthrie – Health problems. Requested by Kay Pearson
                     Ronnie Jolly – Rehab. Requested by Donna Floyd
                     Matthew Mullinax – Shoulder problems. Requested by Nick Mason
                     Jackie & Mindy Gordon – Flu. Requested by Sheila White
                     Addisyn Smalley – 2 YO with pneumonia
                     Andy Cirulis – Pinched nerve. Requested by Bobby Lipscomb
                     Nellie Belue - Ansel Belue’s mother
                     Lucy Orr – 18 month old with cancer in one of her eyes.  Requested by Diane Yelton
                     Lawson Strock – 4 year old attacked by Pit Bull (Charleston) Requested by Faye Cartee
                     Lillie Mueller – 8 year old with Leukemia.  Requested by Brenda Parker
                     Jimmie Alexander – Double knee replacement.  Requested by Donnie Gates
                     Melvin Alexander – Prostate cancer.  Requested by Donnie Gates
                     David Millwood – Recovering from heart surgery.  Requested by John Kidd
                     Ben Proctor – Carolyn Proctor’s grandson
                     Edna Upchurch – Recovering from Gallbladder surgery.  Steven Upchurch’s wife
                     Harland Parker – Requested by Cheryl Alexander
                     Larry Thorton – Aneurysm on aorta in stomach.  Requested by Joyce Wright
                     Gary Quinn - Kidney problems.  Requested by Tina Stacey
                     Sam Waters - Brain tumor.  Requested by Tammy Bright
                     Carol Diana – Cancer.  Requested by Shelia White
                     Calvin Littlejohn – Loss of eyesight.  Requested by Denise Scoggins
                     Bill Proctor – Squamous Cell removed from ear. Carolyn Proctor’s husband
                     Robert Martin – Recovering from lung surgery.  Requested by Shannon Jackson
                     Donnie Spencer - Injured in work accident. Requested by Melissa Hughes
                     Geraldine Hamrick – Recovering from broken hip.  Requested by Carol Mintz
                     Sybil Blanton – Open heart surgery in January.  Requested by Evelyn Clary
                     Sandra Capps – Breast cancer. Jim Fagan’s sister.
                     Jim Sanders – Cancer treatments.  Requested by Cathy Thornton
                     Cindy Gallman – Cancer.  Requested by Ansel Belue
                     Vanessa Hamilton – Cancer.  Ruth Thompson’s niece
                     Pat Hulsey – Breast cancer.  Requested by Melinda Hulsey
                     Gary Upchurch – Medical problems. Linda Wilkins’ brother-in-law
                     Newbert McDaniel – Back problems.  Josh Jackson’s grandfather
Nursing Homes/Retirement Homes/Hospice Facility
                     Pauline Floyd – Sandy Floyd’s mother at Mtn. View Nursing Home
                     Betsy GreerLynchburg, Virginia
                     Margaret Martin – Brookview. Shannon Jackson’s grandmother
                     Doris Pettit – Peachtree
                     Mary Putnam – Sheila White’s mother at Magnolias of Gaffney
                     Patty Wylie – Brookview.  Brian Wylie’s mother
Homebound:     Aliene Clary, Frances Coyle, Vera Crowe, Candes Gibson, Bill & Maxine Harris, Bud Humphries, Frances Jackson, Sara Martin, Martha Millwood, Gwen Owen, Lib Phillips, Bill Wilkerson and Doris Wilkerson       
Military     Gordon Vincent (Army) Cheryl Alexander’s son-in-law
                  Landon Mintz (Army) Cathy Thornton’s Nephew
When we do not receive updates on prayer requests after 3 to 4 weeks, we will remove them from the list.  If a prayer request of yours has been removed by accident, please let us know and we will put them back on.