Southside Baptist Church
Thursday, April 27, 2017
Gaffney, South Carolina








Updated on April 27, 2017


Hospital    Owen Thornton (UNC Children’s Hospital) Requested by Tonya Buice

                  Gantt Crocker (Gaffney) Cathy Thornton’s dad

                  Angel Bicker (SRMC) Injured in motorcycle accident

                  Theresa Easler (SRMC) Surgery

                  Jeff Jolly (SRMC)Heart bypass surgery. Requested by Chris Jolly

                  Dean Higgins (Rehab – Brookview) Danny Higgins’ dad

                  Bobby Wilburn (Rehab - Rock Hill) Chuck Wilburn’s brother


Sympathy  To Jerry Ruppe in the death of his brother, Jack Ruppe

                  To the family of Fender Brown


Church   Bridget Brackins – Diabetes

               Vici Teague – New medications

               Arlie Randolph – Eye surgery June 6

               Peggy Medley – Knee replacement

               Tina Stacey – Issues with throat

               Ansel Belue – Health problems

               Donnie Gates – Medical tests

               Robbie Harris – To have more chemo

               Jennifer Henson - Recovering from foot surgery

               Carol Humphries – Recovering from hip replacement

               Jeanie Henderson – Consulting with orthopedic doctor

               Roxanna Haynes – Starting radiation treatments

               Charlotte Daves – Cancer & kidney stone

               Jean Parris – Cancer

               Diane Yelton – Medical tests


Others   Bobby Lipscomb – TIA

              Shelia Cole – Heart problems

              Cindy Wyatt – Car accident. Requested by Shannon Jackson

              Matilda Wille – Medical issues. Requested by Shannon Jackson

              Deanie Garner – Hernia. Jane Fagan’s mother

              Virginia Bennett – Broken neck. Sylvia’s Knott’s mother

              Julie Vincent – Chemo treatments. Cheryl Alexander’s daughter

              Dewitt Price – Recovering from back surgery

              Mitchell Moore – Health problems.Requested by Vici Teague

              Lilly Mueller – Relapse (cancer).  Billy & Brenda Parker’s great-granddaughter

              Avery Beard – 15 year old with Leukemia. Requested by Mike Childers

              Brooke Pearson – Chemo treatments. Rick & Kay Pearson’s niece

              Tammy Hancock – Medical tests. Marshall & Pam Goforth’s daughter

              Corry Alexander – Infection in leg. Cheryl Alexander’s grandson

              Brantley Hughey – 8 year old undergoing medical tests. Requested through Dial-A-Devotion

              Mike Duvall – Sickness. Requested by Samantha Chambers

              Ted Crocker – MRSA in hip & Endocarditis

              Drew Pearson – Recovering from ear surgery. Rick & Kay Pearson’s grandson

              Peggy Howell – Medical problems. Requested by Roger Hannon

              Ben Proctor – Bone marrow transplant May 18. Carolyn Proctor’s grandson

              Walter Pearson – Shoulder problems. Rick Pearson’s dad

              Bob Nagy – Leukemia.  Tina Anderson’s brother in Idaho

              Ami Cartee – Growth on arm. Requested by Sheila White

              Boyd Benton – Cancer. Co-worker of Jerry Ruppe & Chris Jolly

              James Painter – Health problems. Requested by Matt Cook

              Crystal McCullough – Radiation treatments. Requested by Kelly Hawkins

              Linda Norman – Brain tumor

              Ami Bishop – Recovering from foot surgery. Lisa Bishop’s daughter

              Ray DeLeon – Heart condition/flu. Ben Swayngim’s uncle

              Pat Uballe – Recovering from heart surgery. Ben Swayngim’s aunt

              Billy Thompson – More chemo treatments. Beckie Thompson’s husband

              Benny & Teresa Bright – Health problems. Requested by Kay Pearson

              Thomas Dawkins – To begin rehab. Requested by Kelley Oglesby

              Bill Proctor – Health problems. Carolyn Proctor’s husband

              Julie Wells – Clot in leg. Requested by Matt Cook

              Sandy Harlow – Cancer. Requested by Kelley Oglesby

              Roxanne Rush – Cancer. Requested by Kelley Oglesby

              Vivian Thomas – Heart problems. Tony Thomas’ mother


Nursing Homes/Retirement Homes/Hospice Facilities:

                  Jeff Butler – Azaleas, Aiken

                  Frances Coyle - Peachtree

                  Candes Gibson – Peachtree

                  Betsy Greer – Lynchburg, Virginia

                  Frances Hall – Maranatha, Spartanburg

                  Evelyn Osment – Brookview

                  Ruth Thompson – Summit Hills


Homebound:  David Barton (Kay Barton’s husband), Sammy & Vera Crowe, Bill Harris, Sara Martin, Roy & Martha Millwood, Ken & Gwen Owen, Lib Phillips, Shirley Sanders, James & Louise Wyatt and Edd & Doris Wilkerson


Military:   Grayson Bryant (Navy) Requested by Kay Pearson

                  Kyle Childers (Navy)

                  Gordon Vincent (Army) Cheryl Alexander’s son-in-law

                  Landon Mintz (Army) Cathy Thornton’s Nephew

                  Rev. Jim Davidson (Army Chaplain) Pastor of Cherokee Creek Baptist Church

                  Delta Company, US Marines serving overseas. Requested by fellow Marine



   To Give In Honor