Southside Baptist Church
Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Gaffney, South Carolina
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October 21, 2014
Hospital       Marie Head (SRMC) Having a baby
                     Larry Bridges (SRMC) Requested by Robbie Harris
                     Nellie Belue (Gaffney) Ansel Belue’s mother     
Sympathy     To the family of Margaret (Maggie) Lipscomb
Church         Frances Childers - Pneumonia.
Members     Raymond Yelton – Foot problem
                     Terry White – Surgery to remove screws from ankle
                     Scott Hill – Recovering from Gallbladder surgery
                     John Kidd – Recovering from eye surgery
                     Odie Pickler –On new medical treatments
                     Geneva Kitchens – Biopsy on Oct. 24
                     Ansel Belue – Health concerns
                     Brenda Parker – Recovering from knee replacement
                     Brian Wylie – Recovering from shoulder surgery
                     Charlie Dover – More medical tests
                     Jeanie Henderson – To see surgeon concerning her back
                     Frances Pettit –Cancer treatment
                     Sheila White – Recovering from shoulder surgery
                     Barbara Henry – Radiation treatments
Others          Jim Sanders – Cancer treatments.  Requested by Cathy Thornton
                     Olan Jones – Surgery on October 23 at SRMC  (Tina Stacey’s brother)
                     Chuck Wilburn – To see liver specialist Oct 22 (Allison Wilburn’s husband)
                     Bill Proctor – Recovering from outpatient surgery (Carolyn Proctor’s husband)
                     Cindy Thomas - Kidney stones.  Requested by Ansel Belue
                     Cindy Gallman – Cancer.  Requested by Ansel Belue
                     Jody Powell – Complications from open heart surgery.  Requested by Charles Childers
                     Mary Putnam - Sheila White’s mother.  Back at Magnolias
                     Darrell Kendrick – Mission trip to Haiti.  To return on Oct. 27
                     Lily Stevens – Requested by Barbara Henry
                     Vanessa Hamilton – Cancer.  Ruth Thompson’s niece
                     Tim Millwood – Recovering from liver transplantRequested by Beth Ellis
                     David Holt – Consulting with Duke doctors about cancer.  
                     Katherine Harrill – Recovering from car accident.  Requested by Donnie Gates
                     Linda Wolfe – Recovering from car accident.  Requested by Donnie Gates
                     Brandon Parris – Eye injury.  Dewitt Clyde’s grandson
                     Robert Brown Jr. - Suffered severe burns.Requested by Donna Floyd
                     Tim Holden – Still in serious condition. Requested by Ansel Belue
                     Pat Hulsey – Breast cancer.  Requested by Melinda Hulsey
                     Elmer Campbell – Praise!  Great improvement. Requested by Melinda Hulsey
                     Randy Loweckie – Health issues.  Requested by Donnie Gates
                     Gary Upchurch – Had tumor removed.Linda Wilkins’ brother-in-law
                     Norma Harris – Recovering from surgery.  Requested by Peggy Kies
                     Jerry Marinucci – Back problems
                     Emily Bishop – Requested by Vicki Threadgill
                     Newbert McDaniel – Back problems.  Josh Jackson’s grandfather
                     Daniel Huggin – Shoulder problem.  Requested by Bobbie Smith
                     Brody Childers – Shoulder problem.  Charles Childers’ grandson
                     Joan Hall – Broken ribs.  Requested by Chris Jolly
                     Cindy Cartee – Knee replacement.  Mike Cartee’s sister
                     Ken Kies – Health problems.  Brooks Kies’ dad
                     Libby Hodge - Need of liver transplant.  Elaine Price’s sister
                     Luke Laughlin – Cancer treatment.  Judy Childers’ brother    
                     Joan Childers – 4th stage cancer. Requested by Tammy Jolly
                     Dene Bledsoe – Cancer.  Requested by Bobbie Smith
                     Susan Nolen – Lung cancer.  Requested by Libby Thomas
                     Jacob Lowery – 5 month old needing lung surgery.  Requested by Donnie Gates
                     Ben Proctor – Recovering from cancer surgery  Carolyn Proctor’s grandson
                     Wayne Ruppe – Serious medical problems
                     JoAnn Biggerstaff – Health problems.  Requested by Ron Harrill
                     Doug Heartsell – Waiting on test results.  Requested by Bobbie Smith
                     Patsy Thomas – Undergoing cancer treatment.  Requested by Johnny Hulsey
                     Jerry Mullinax – Recovering from surgery.  Donna Floyd’s brother
                     Judy Faust – Chuck Wilburn’s sister
                     Scott Patterson - Recovering from surgery. Requested by Joe Brown
                     Wendy Lu – Cancer treatment.  Requested by Ron Harrill
                     Chad Blanton – Throat Cancer.  Requested by Ansel Belue
                     Rachel Downs – Melonoma.  Requested by Melissa Hughes
                     Olan Jones – Prostate cancer.  Tina Stacey’s brother
                     Brenda Thompson – Facing surgery.  Chip Scoggins’ aunt
                     Martina Smalley – Health issues.  Requested by Lynn Wilkins
                     Michelle Jones – Breast cancer.  Requested by Tammy Bright
                     Keith Kirby – Cancer.  Requested by Lynn Wilkins
                     Barbara Griffin Bridges – Cancer.  Requested by Johnny & Melinda Hulsey
Nursing Homes/Retirement Homes/Hospice Facility
   Pauline Floyd – Sandy Floyd’s mother at Mtn. View Nursing Home
   Betsy Greer – Lynchburg, Virginia
   Doris Pettit – Peachtree
   George Rogers – Anderson
   Patty Wylie – Brookview.  Brian Wylie’s mother
Homebound:  Jeff Butler, Aliene Clary, Jack & Evelyn Clary, Frances Coyle, Vera Crowe, Candes Gibson, Bill & Maxine Harris, Bud Humphries, Frances Jackson, Martha Millwood, Gwen Owen, Lib Phillips, Bill Wilkerson and Doris Wilkerson       
Military     Gordon Vincent (Army) Cheryl Alexander’s son-in-law
                       Landon Mintz (Army) Cathy Thornton’s nephew

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