Southside Baptist Church of Gaffney, SC
Monday, March 30, 2015
Gaffney, South Carolina







March 30, 2015
Hospital     Jeff Butler (SRMC)
                  Rob Wagner (SRMC) Injured in car accident. Requested by Geneva Kitchens
                  Hobert Bright (SRMC) Scott Bright’s dad
                  Everly Dickard (SRMC ICU) Requested by Peggy Kies
                  Hettie Gregory (SRMC Restorative Care) Requested by Cheryl Alexander
                  Sadie Lovingood (Franke at Seaside, Mount Pleasant) Requested by Bobby Lipscomb
                  Wayne Yount (North Grove, Spartanburg) Stroke. Requested by Beth Ellis
Special       Welcome to new church members – David & Jennifer Henson
                  Mary Putnam – Magnolias of Gaffney.  Hospice care.  Sheila White’s mother
                  Wesley Burr and others from our association on a mission trip to Maine
Church      Kiri Shehan – Thyroid surgery April 1
Member     Tony Thomas – Dizziness
                  Maxine Harris – Breathing problems
                  Wyatt Jackson – Prayers as he has his last cast put on for scoliosis
                  Ron Harrill – Heart condition
                  Odie Pickler – Iron transfusion April 1
                  Gene HendersonMedical tests
                  Zach Floyd – Foot surgery May 14
                  Tammy McGee – Thyroid problems
                  Sara Martin – Breathing problems
                  Rachel Sells – Health problems
                  Annette Mintz – Recovering from heart surgery
                  Ansel Belue – Health problems
                  Jeanie Henderson – Injured in fall
                  Jim Fagan – Recovering from shoulder surgery
                  Teresa Childers – Medical problems
Others       Lee Yarborough – Medical tests. Requested by Kay Pearson
                  Janie Crocker – Cancer has returned. Requested by Tammie McGee
                  Nick Fort – Pneumonia.  Wofford & Catherine Caughman’s son-in-law
                  Peggy Phillips – Mini-strokes. Johnny Hulsey’s sister
                  Daniel Huggin – Rehab on shoulder   
                  Rachel Harris – Health problems. Requested by Denise Scoggins
                  Tres Hatchell – 12 Year old with Immune system problems. Requested by Vicki Threadgill
                  Melvin Alexander – Cancer treatment. Requested by Donnie Gates
                  Betty Flynn – Breast cancer. Requested by Donnie Gates
                  Hope Lipscomb – Chemo. Requested by Vicki Threadgill
                  Stephanie Matteodo  - Hospice care. Requested by Denise Scoggins
                  Mason Phillips – 23 month old with liver cancer. Requested by Catherine Caughman
                  Cole Abernathy – Chohn’s disease. Requested by Bobby Stacey
                  Reagan Wease - 17 month old with growths over her body. Requested by Caroline Burr
                  Ross Bratton – Medical problems. Requested by Marshall Goforth
                  Addison Moore - 6 year old with gallstones. Kelley Oglesby
                  Larry Parker – Medical problems. Requested by John Kidd
                  Wally Haupt – Cancer.  Lives in Pennsylvania. Requested by Diane Yelton
                  Frances Higgins – Health problems. Danny Higgins’ mother
                  Craig Brooks – Chemo treatments. Requested by Beth Ellis
                  Grady Fowler – Recovering from stroke
                  Erwin Lee Millwood – Suffering strokes.  Requested by Bobby Lipscomb
                  Josh Brown – Radiation & chemo treatments. Requested by Dionne Durham
                  Jackie Putnam – Open heart surgery. Requested by Sheila White
                  Terry Wilson - Recovering from surgery. Requested by Nettie Wilkerson
                  Phillip McCraw – Health problems. Requested by Kay Pearson
                  Mark Jolly - Health problems. Requested by Bryn Turner
                  Dawn Scruggs – Pneumonia. Requested by Judy Childers    
                  Penny Evatt – Health problems. Requested by Chip Scoggins
                  Carol Coleman – Radiation treatment. Wesley Burr’s grandmother
                  Christian Winkler – Torn ACL and knee problems.  Requested by Chris Jolly
                  Denise Beattie – Cancer. Requested by Nettie Wilkerson
                  Mark Maylor – Cancer. Requested by Matt Clary
                  Ben Proctor – Carolyn Proctor’s grandson
                  Carol Diana – Cancer.  Requested by Shelia White
Nursing Homes/Retirement Homes/Hospice Facility
                  Pauline Floyd – Sandy Floyd’s mother at Mtn. View Nursing Home
                  Betsy Greer – Lynchburg, Virginia
                  Margaret Martin – Brookview. Shannon Jackson’s grandmother
                  Doris Pettit – Peachtree
                  Patty Wylie – Brookview.  Brian Wylie’s mother
Homebound: Aliene Clary, Frances Coyle, Vera Crowe, Candes Gibson, Bill Harris, Bud Humphries, Frances Jackson, Sara Martin, Martha Millwood, Gwen Owen, Lib Phillips, Bill Wilkerson and Doris Wilkerson       
Military     Gordon Vincent (Army) Cheryl Alexander’s son-in-law
                  Landon Mintz (Army) Afghanistan. Cathy Thornton’s Nephew