Southside Baptist Church
Monday, October 24, 2016
Gaffney, South Carolina







Updated on October 24, 2016
Hospital       Martha Thompson (Greenville) Stroke. Requested by Johnny Hulsey
                     Teresa Oliver (SRMC) Requested by Brenda Parker
                     Carter Fisher (SRMC) Born premature. Requested by Christy Knight
                     Jeff Butler (SRMC) Medical treatment
                     Jessica Mullinax (Shepherd Center) Donna Floyd’s niece
Sympathy    To Evelyn Clary in the death of her brother, Dean Robertson
                     To the family of Harvey Coleman, Wesley Burr’s grandfather.
Church        Sara Martin – Fighting an infection
Family         Valerie Lydia – Medical test
                     Wofford Caughman – Hernia surgery TODAY
                     Olivia Mason – Problems with her knee
                     Jamie Kennington – Virus
                     Greg Shehan – Hernia
                     Robbie Harris – Colon cancer
                     Roxanne Haynes – Recovering  from cancer surgery
                     Frances Pettit – Cancer treatment
                     Brenda Parker Chemo         
                     Diane Yelton – Health problems
                     Renee Hill – Recovering from surgery
                     Mike Childers – Recovering from back surgery
                     Roger Hannon – Shoulder surgery Nov. 3
                     Rachel Sells – Congestive heart failure
                     Pam Goforth – Medical problems
                     Jennifer Henson – Recovering from surgery on heel
                     Jeanie Henderson – Surgery planned for Nov. 16
                     Jean Parris – Cancer
Others          Debbie Allison – Chemo treatment. Requested by Myra McCoy
                     Kim Brown – Broken ankle. Requested by Danny Higgins
                     Tony Brown – Divorce. Requested by Steven Crocker
                     Walter Pearson – Medical problems. Rick Pearson’s dad
                     Dean Higgins – Sore on foot. Danny Higgins’ dad
                     Wayne Elder
– Mass on liver. Requested by Ron Harrill
                     Cherry Alvarez – Recent hospital stay. Carol Humphries’ daughter
                     Fred Johnson – Recent hospital stay. Shannon Jackson’s uncle
                     Roxie Cash – Recent hospital stay. Raymond Yelton’s aunt
                     Annette Smith – Recovering from knee surgery. Requested by Diane Yelton
                     Neal Bailey – Heart attack. Requested by Diane Yelton
                     Rev. Carroll Hutchenson – Treatment for prostate cancer
                     Joe Johnson – Recent stay in hospital. Betty Smith’s son
                     Ken Henderson – Cancer. Requested by Tina Stacey
                     Patrick Sullivan – Recovering from surgery. Requested by Grady Bailey
                     Jayden Byars – Health problems. Ansel & Katie Belue’s grandson
                     Pam Sode – Breast cancer. Requested by Danny Higgins
                     Megan Smith – Health problems. Requested by Danny Higgins
                     Peyton Cooper - Bone cancer. Cindy Bell’s granddaughter
                     Sheila Cole – Recovering from shoulder surgery.  Kim Ruppe and Billy Corbett’s sister
                     Kristopher Barnes – 1 month old with restricted intestines. Requested by Kristen Crocker.
                     Jewell Durham – Injured in fall. Neil Durham’s mother
                     Smoky Lanier – Brain tumor. Requested by Bonnie Crocker
                     Delta Company, US Marines serving overseas. Requested by fellow Marine
                     Steve Martin – Cancer. Requested by Cheryl Alexander
                     Luther Parker – Health problems. Billy Parker’s brother
                     Juliana Turcios – Cyst on brain. Bella Greene’s cousin
                     Ann Floyd – Breast cancer. Requested by Rachel Sells
                     James & Louise Wyatt – Health problems. Velina Owensby’s parents
                     Jeremy Dyer – Stroke. Requested by Grady Bailey
                     Vicky Staggs – Undergoing chemo treatments. Requested by Joyce Wright
                     Billie Price – Breast cancer. Requested by Christy Knight
                     Brenda Eubanks – Melanoma. Requested by Brenda Moss
                     Billy Thompson – Cancer treatment. Beckie Thompson’s husband
                     David Vassey – Chemo treatments. Requested by Tonya Buice
                     Beth Osment – Radiation & chemo
                     Jeff Jolly – Heart & kidney problems
                     Julia (Judy) Childers Breast cancer. Requested by Pam Davis
                     Richard “Cotton” McAbee – Lymphoma. Requested by Connie Earls
                     Rick Bostic – Cancer. Requested by Cheryl Alexander
                     David Barton – Recovering from knee surgery.
                     Roy Newman – Cancer treatment. Stacie Clary’s Dad
Nursing Homes/Retirement Homes/Hospice Facilities:
                     Candes Gibson - Peachtree
                     Betsy Greer – Lynchburg, Virginia
                     Frances Hall – Maranatha, Spartanburg
                     Evelyn Osment – Brookview
                     Ruth Thompson – Magnolias of Gaffney
Homebound: Aileen Clary, Frances Coyle, Vera Crowe, Bill & Maxine Harris, Roy & Martha Millwood, Gwen Owen, Lib Phillips, Odie                          Pickler, Shirley Sanders, & Doris Wilkerson
Military:     Kyle Childers (Navy)
                   Gordon Vincent (Army) Cheryl Alexander’s son-in-law
                     Landon Mintz (Army) Cathy Thornton’s Nephew